When to let go…

In life, we’re surrounded by people that we know as family, friends and even friends that become family and our significant others, we create relationships with these people thinking they will, of course, last a lifetime, but time and life has shown me that not all people mean well or care about your well being (mentally and physically) and its hard to let go of these people that we got attached to and it’s hard to see or at least want to admit that there are some people that are just NOT good for you. I think we’re all very lucky to find at least one person that brings peace and harmony into our lives, in my case I’ve multiple individuals that make me feel that way and I’m SO grateful for every single one of them.

So growing up, I thought I could never make it out of my house (financially) and that I was never going to be able to be happy because life hits you and it feels like you’re just happy for one second and you’re just miserable and that’s no way to live. My happiness was experienced through trips to Panama to visit my dad, his wife and family and how sad it is to be happy only a few days out of the year… So around October of 2016, Isaac asked me if I wanted to move out of state with him (From Texas to Arizona) and what did I have to lose if I was so unhappy in my own skin? Life started with him and it was difficult at first (which that’s another blog post I’m thinking of writing) but I was on my own, which I never thought I was going to be able to do, and my life suddenly had just begun. It’s been over a year since I moved out and almost a year since we got married and I’ve been NOTHING but happy, life hasn’t been just happiness for one second and it honestly feels like I’ve been on vacation since I left my old life behind.

I used to live life through other people’s wants and needs. I used to put everyone else before me, I let go of toxic people from family members to friendships and I started to live for myself because if I don’t do it in this life, I’ll never get another chance at being me. Just because blood links you to someone it doesn’t mean they’re your family, actions make you family. Understanding and loving one another makes you family, not judging them for who they TRULY are make you family. I thank God every day for my dad and his wife that have never turned their backs on me and helped me to find my happiness, to Isaac that kept me sane, even if at any point I had intentions of letting go of life, to my mother-in-law that I consider her like a mother and all of their family for opening their homes to me in every family gathering, to my friends in other countries, states or cities for trusting my best judgement. Even through any hardships, we may experience in the future, I’d chose happiness and MY life all over again.

I hope that you let go of whatever or whoever hurts your peace and harmony, that you find happiness, that you have someone that brings all those things into your life, and that if you ever feel alone you can reach out to me or anyone that you know cares about you (because there are so many people that do, even if you don’t know it) to help you remain positive, because this too shall pass, nothing is permanent in this life and the only thing we can be sure of, is change.

XO, Gaby.

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