Kissing 2017 Goodbye…

As in my side of the world, we’re just hours away from January 1st, which is really exciting, I couldn’t stop thinking about what an amazing year it has been and regardless of any setback, I’m just grateful for the lessons I learned.

As the year started, Isaac and I got our very first apartment together and a couple of months later we got married! (which gave me the opportunity to see my dad for our wedding, and that’s one more thing to be grateful for,) And I’m so thankful to have such an amazing husband and all the support, in all areas that he provides me, I’d say he was the highlight of my year and I can’t wait to see how he improves my years for the rest of our lives. I was also able to get not one, but TWO doggies (Thor & Dior) and I honestly couldn’t have asked for better companions. I got to continue going to college, for what I love.

But we know, life cannot be perfect and mine is definitely far from it, I was sick for months, which stopped me from giving my 100% at anything I did and interrupted a lot of plans I had for myself. I had gained about 30 lbs over from when I had first moved to Arizona and I was more active because I wanted and needed to be healthier and part of my sickness became such a burden that I had to stop doing that as well and by Thanksgiving I realized I had to get my wisdom teeth removed, so healthwise my year was definitely not the best, but I learned a lot from it, and one of my goals for this new year is to continue my annual checkups and be more consistent with my health and listen to MY body.

And to finish up, I’d like to share some of my resolutions for next year and hopefully, I get to hear from you if there’s anything from my list you’re also trying to achieve or that you’d like to share with me.

2018 New Years Resolutions:

  1. Finish Spring Semester with A’s & B’s.
  2. Go back to a healthy weight.
  3. Go to Panama.
  4. Let my hair grow.
  5. Do annual checkups with doctors.
  6. Do more things that make ME happy.
  7. Remember to eat healthy and workout.
  8. Remember to be kind to yourself and others.
  9. Help Isaac to remain positive through it all.


Xo, Gaby.

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