Young Marriage

Getting married was not in my lifetime plans, coming from divorced parents, I’d say it was one of the last things I thought I’d do, let alone do it at 21. When I met Isaac, my now husband, I had been single for months and I wasn’t really looking to find someone again, but like most good things in life, they come unexpected. We were dating for almost a year when he decided after getting out of the Army that it was time to come home (Arizona) and that’s when he asked if I’d come with him and I personally was not in the best emotional or physical state of mind and I thought changing scenery would be the best thing for me and our relationship, and so we moved to Arizona.

In January with the help of God, we got our very first apartment together and we were pretty much living like a married couple, we respected and loved each other as if we were, just no rings or legal document in hand. Around February I had decided to attempt to join the Air Force and I knew he had plans to join the Army again and the only way we’d be together was if we were married, so we decided to get married, we set a date and we tied the knot 3 weeks later. But you know, life doesn’t really work the way we plan it out and I’m no longer joining the service, which was the main reason why we got married, but now we just get to enjoy each other and our marriage longer.

We understand how in today’s society is kind of frowned upon to be married before finishing college, or so young! I mean I was 21 at the time and he’s 23. We understand we got our whole lives ahead of ourselves and there’s so much to live and explore, but we found each other, so now we just get to do all those things together, just because we’re married doesn’t mean we no longer have hopes and dreams indivually and as a couple that we won’t be able to reach, because once you meet the right person, YOUR person, they’ll uplift you and help you reach all those goals and I’m blessed to say I found my life partner so young that I’m just so excited to grow by his side.

I believe that I can speak on behalf of my friends that also got married young or are currently in commited relationships and just like us are being constantly judged by others. I hope that if you ever questioned why would someone at such a young age commit the rest of their lives to someone else, this can help you understand a little better and maybe stop you from the very common “Why did you do that to yourself?” “You’ve so much yet to live!” “You haven’t traveled enough!” etc, that you respect our decision as we would respect yours and hopefully be just as lucky to find your soulmate.

Xo, Gaby.

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