Finding Purpose

As a very confused 22 year old I’d say it’s been such a tough time to find something in life that I would feel proud of doing or at least had a passion for, specially when all your friends are going to college, graduating and seem to have everything figured out and here you are, after switching majors and still feeling empty. I wondered for a long time, Is college even for me? What am I doing? What am I missing?

A couple of months ago, most of my friends graduated as engineers, philosophers, architechts, some even lawyers and here I was, working a full time job that pays the bills, lost and had just recently got married and I felt at my lowest. I’m not JUST a wife I kept telling myself, as all the goals I had set for myself after high school had vanished because I didn’t know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I’ve always known my interest in art, but I didn’t know how to describe or put into words that I wanted to pursue a bachelors in Arts, specially because society doesn’t appreciate arts as if you had a steady income as a doctor, lawyer, etc. I did my research and after a couple of months I decided that I was going to become a graphic designer, that I had met my dream job, but now how do I tell the people I love? And most important, how do I not feel rejected after realizing I didn’t want to be a lawyer like my parents, specially after they had shared “My Dreams” with the rest of their world.

I finally had the courage to share the news with my loved ones and it’s safe to say is the best semester I’ve had since I started going to college. I feel complete as a person, excited about my future and I’ve decided to blog again, because I no longer feel the need to hide my dreams and I hope that you are as lucky as I am to be able to find something that makes me feel whole and have an amazing supportive system that shows you that it’s not about who finishes first, but what you learn on the way. I feel extremely excited about this new chapter in my life and I hope you get courage to enjoy yours and may the end of this year be sweet and bring nothing but positives into your life for the year ahead.

Xo, Gaby.

One thought on “Finding Purpose

  1. Belleza Gaby! Me siento super relacionada, aún teniendo 4 meses de graduada. Amo la arquitectura, pero maybe no era mi fuerte. Got the job pero no estoy cómoda. Que bueno que hayas encontrado la carrera que te mueve el piso, yo espero encontrar el spot correcto dentro del campo de trabajo😣.

    Sigue asi! Mucho amor para ti💕💕

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