Favorite Subscriptions

Beauty wise, I was signed up for Ipsy and I signed up for Boxycharm as well, but I canceled my Ipsy subscription that was $10 a month and 4 sample size products and 1 regular size, to just keep my Boxycharm that for $21 a month they provide you anywhere from 4 to 5 full sized products. I don’t buy as many beauty products as I used to, except if I’ve specific products I like that I know they already work for me.

Barkbox is a monthly box for dogs with toys and treats. This box is my only box I subscribed for a year that I’m NOT able to cancel until that year is up, the reason why I didn’t subscribe monthly was because it was more expensive to keep it monthly.

I’m a member of every reward program for almost every restaurant/fast food chain I go to, like Olive Garden, Noodles and Company, Chick-Fil-A, Sonic, McAlister’s Deli, Papa Johns and of course Starbucks to mention some of them. Usually by using their apps or signing to their rewards programs they send you emails of any specials, dollars off your order or BOGO Free. If you do go to the movies a lot, you can try to find out if your favorite local movie theater has a loyalty program, here in Arizona I’m aware of Harkin’s and AMC theaters having pretty good loyalty programs.

I hope this list of some of my favorite subscriptions was able to help you and saves you some money in the near future! And if you know of any good subscriptions or rewards program I did not mention above and you think I should try, please let me know!


Xo, Gaby.

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